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NEWORLEANS-- The LSU student who was booked with the attempted first-degree murder of her mother was allegedly scheming to murder her parents so she could receive her inheritance, according to court documents.

Nicole Lea Boover, 19, was picked up by police Sunday morning in her residence on the LSU campus. Nathan Andrew Yuhas, 18, who allegedly joined in the plan for a cut of the inheritance, faces a principal to attempted first-degree murder charge.

Court documents say Yuhas claims Boover approached him for help in her plan. She allegedly told Boover she'd pay him $50,000 for his help, and after the murder they'd flee the state.

Yuhas told police that the two purchased gloves, duct tape and masks from the movie 'Scream' to help in the planned murder.

At about 4:30 a.m. Monday, the two students drove up to her parent's house and knocked on the door. Sherri Boover, the 51-year-old mother of Nicole Boover, saw her daughter through the peep hole. After answering the door, the mother saw that the daughter -- who was smiling, according to court documents -- had a silver handgun.

The mother secured the front door, and at that time Nicole Boover fired three shots before fleeing in an unknown direction. No one was injured.

LSU police received a phone call from Boover's stepfather recounting the ordeal. The stepfather told police that Boover had left the residence with a firearm and was believed to be headed back to campus.

LSU police were able to find both Boover and Yuhas on campus a short time later and take them into custody.

TheNOPD says it is still an ongoing investigation, but they do not expect any additional arrests.

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