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NEW ORLEANS -- Burned out street lights continue to plague residents across New Orleans. Even the French Quarter has its dark spots.

'This is the center of tourism for the city. It brings in a lot of money. You would think they would anxiously replace a light bulb,' said French Quarter resident David Dietrich.

Neighbors reported this one to the city a year ago and contacted me in April, when I sent a new email to the city. But there have been no repairs yet.

'Two months ago there was a mugging right here on the corner, and it was probably facilitated by the fact that it's dark on this street at night, and it's just not safe,' said French Quarter resident Dan Adams.

'I came from Baton Rouge, which is a little bit better,' said French Quarter resident Gregory Loukaidis.

'Even though you don't see crews physically working on the lights in your particular neighborhood, work is going on,' said Army Lt. Col. Mark Jernigan. director of public works.

Jernigan said the city was on track to meet the mayor's end-of-the-year deadline to get all of the broken street lights repaired until Hurricane Isaac struck, and caused new damage, forcing a reassessment.

A new survey shows 3,640 street lights were damaged during Isaac, requiring a roughly $1 million in repairs that are expected to start next week.

'Right now we've got eleven crews working thirteen hours a day, six days a week,' Jernigan said.

City spokesmen say 8,400 street lights have been repaired so far, but there are still nearly 11,000 broken street lights in the city. Now they say that after Isaac, despite the mayor's pledge, there will still be broken street lights at the end of the year, which they promise to keep working to repair.

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