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NEW ORLEANS-- They are two areas bounded by storms: Southeast Louisiana and the East Coast, as one recovers from Hurricane Isaac and the other from Hurricane Sandy. Now, one local organization is binding them together in a new way.

'Of course, we all feel that kinship again. We know exactly where they are: they are spinning,' said Connie Uddo, executive director of St. Paul's Homecoming Center in Gentilly. 'They are totally overwhelmed; they're exhausted; they don't know how to put one foot in front of the other right now.'

St. Paul's is now organizing an 'Adopt-a-Family' program for Thanksgiving and the holiday season, centered on families in Braithwaite and in New Jersey who were hit hard by the 2012 hurricane season.

'Maybe if you could skip that nice restaurant or fast food, or Starbucks or coffee shop for a week and give that, how far is that going to go?' Uddo said.

Joe Robert is the project coordinator for St. Paul's. He spent the Friday gutting a house in Braithwaite, one of 20 the organization is working on there.

'We got quite a bit accomplished, but most of all, we gave them the hope to go on for tomorrow,' said Robert, who lost his home during Hurricane Katrina. 'Each and every time you do something like this, you relive Katrina again. You get a little emotional, but it's a good thing, because you know what to expect and, with that, you can help others.'

For more information on how you can help St. Paul's 'Adopt-a-Family' program, click here

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