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NEW ORLEANS -- Historically in Louisiana, the presidential race is the election that draws the greatest percentage of registered voters to the polls.

'Typically, your local races are in the 35-40 percent,' said demographer and WWL-TV election analyst Greg Rigamer of GCR, Inc.. 'The gubernatorial races are somewhere around 45-50 and pretty consistently the presidential race is in the mid 60s.'

Rigamer predicts a huge voter turnout for Tuesday's election.

'I think it will be about 67 percent on a statewide basis. In Orleans Parish you're going to see somewhat lower, probably about 60 percent.'

But, in a state where Republican Mitt Romney was projected a winner over Democrat Barack Obama months ago, pollster and research strategist Dr. Silas Lee said voter enthusiasm is down.

He predicts a 40 to 50 percent turnout.

'We don't see the aggressive get out the vote effort and momentum from four years ago,' said Lee.

WWL-TV political analyst and Gambit political columnist Clancy DuBos said supporters of both candidates have good reason to go to the polls.

He predicts turnout will exceed 50 percent.

'Even though Louisiana's voters are going to tilt heavily toward Governor Romney and our electoral votes, all eight of them will go to Romney. I think the Obama voters want to make sure they cast their votes to help the president if he wins, get a popular vote victory as well,' said DuBos.

Rigamer said judging from the early voting, there is a lot of interest in the presidential race and others items on the ballot.

'In the past we would see 3 to 4 to up to 5 percent absentee vote as we used to call it,' said Rigamer. 'Now we're seeing 16 percent in early voting.'

In Louisiana, you can cast your votes from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information on what is on your ballot, click here.

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