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NEW ORLEANS -- Monday, officials with Black Elk Energy vowed to continue searching for Jerome Malagapo, a worker who is still missing after last week's oil platform explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

Meanwhile, four other workers remain hospitalized in the burn unit at Baton Rouge General Medical Center.

As the victims all natives of the Philippines - continue battling severe burns, Philippine Ambassador Jose Cuisia thanked the team of surgeons at a Monday afternoon news conference.

'I would like to express my profound gratitude to the medical team here at the Baton Rouge General Hospital for taking care of four of our nationals who were seriously injured in last Friday's unfortunate incident in the Gulf of Mexico,' Cuisia said.

Over the weekend, crews found the body of Ellroy Corporal near the platform site.

According to doctors, the four men who were injured are still in the critical window of time following severe burns.

'Our team continues to focus on maintaining the airways, IV resuscitation, nutritional support and local wound care,' said Dr. Flip Roberts, chief medical officer at Baton Rouge General.

Two patients remain in critical condition, and one is still listed as serious, while the fourth patient has made tremendous strides, doctors said.

Wilberto Ilagan's condition was upgraded to 'good,' and for a second consecutive day Monday, doctors shared a statement from the patient.

'Tell my countrymen to pray for us and our quick recovery, and that our caregivers are always with us and they're very kind to us,' Ilagan's statement read.

Doctors did not release the other patients' names Monday.

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