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NEWORLEANS- A former Tulane football player and honors student reported to prison Tuesday, starting a 10-year sentence after he was convicted four years ago in a Bourbon Street brawl that left four people with knife wounds.

One-time running back and kick returner Ray Boudreaux Jr. exhausted his appeals and was ordered to begin his sentence on convictions for attempted manslaughter and aggravated battery. Boudreaux had been out on bond as he appealed the 2008 jury verdicts.

Boudreaux, of Abbeville, was one of about a dozen people involved in an eruption of violence outside of a Bourbon Street club on Sept. 16, 2007. Four people suffered knife wounds at the hands of Boudreaux, including a man who survived seven knife wounds, another man who suffered brain damage and a bouncer who tried to intervene. A portion of the brawl was caught on videotape, which showed a scrum of people shoving, punching, kicking and ultimately knifing each other in the street.

Despite the videotaped evidence, Boudreaux claimed self-defense at trial and seemed to gain a small measure of credibility with a couple of jurors. None of the four convictions were unanimous, with two counts coming back 10-2 for conviction and two other counts coming back 11-1.

Boudreaux is scheduled to be back in court on December 21 to begin another round of appeals for post-conviction relief. His new attorneys are arguing that he received ineffective assistance of counsel at his trial, in which he claimed self-defense.

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