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NEW ORLEANS -- A six-year veteran of the New Orleans Police Department has been arrested on theft and malfeasance charges, according to Remi Braden, a spokeswoman for the NOPD.

As April Moses was arrested Thursday night, she has been placed on emergency suspension without pay.

Braden said Moses stole a gift card from an armed robbery victim's purse that had been turned in to the 8th District station. Moses was working the front desk.

Braden said Moses left her assignment Sunday at the station, went to Target and bought $85 worth of items.

After learning the card had been used, the victim called the district station. Detectives were able to determine that Moses had made the purchases after looking at the date and time the card was used.

Detectives found several of the items purchased at Moses' home, Braden said.

Moses had recently been reassigned to desk duty, Braden said, after she was involved in a traffic accident while off duty. She allegedly got into a fight with the other driver in that incident.

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