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GOOSEBAYOU, La. - A very active hurricane season is finally over.

Once again, coastal Louisiana bore the brunt of another major storm that caused hundreds of million of dollars in damage.

Goose Bayou in Lower Jefferson Parish is slowly returning to normal after Isaac flooded the area in late August.

Fishermen are back on the water and birds have returned to their perch.

But, some neighbors still have a lot of work to do to get back in their homes.

'I was down big time. I feel a little better now,' said Charles Dufrene.

We came across Dufrene is right after the Isaac hit, leaving his house under water.

He was pushing a flat boat down the street, filled with the few belongings he could save from his flooded out home.

'Everything in here we lost,' said Dufrene. 'Last time I seen you, I was pushing a boat down the road and I saved a few pieces of clothes that we were able to wash.'

Dufrene is now repairing the damage.

'I pulled the old sheet rock out, the insulation out - new sheet rock in, new insulation,' said Dufrene.

JP Councilman Ricky Templet says he learned a lot during this past hurricane season about the character of people along the bayou.

'I learned that we have very resilient people who live within lower Jefferson Parish, but they're getting tired. We have to make sure that these people know that their home is worth protecting,' said Templet.

Templet points to the damage from Isaac to help make the case for better hurricane protection in lower Jefferson.

'We have to be able to figure out how to stop the tidal surge entering into this community and the quickest way is for us to get some type of protective levee system.'

Back on Goose Bayou, Dufrene hopes to get some hazard mitigation money from the government to help raise his home at least ten feet.

'If they jack me up I'll be out the water,' said Dufrene. 'Water can come in I Just have to clean underneath the house and stuff like that. At least I won't lose everything.'

Lower Jefferson has now flooded three times in the past 7 years.

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