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NEW ORLEANS -- Through the A&E reality show 'Duck Dynasty,' Jase Robertson and his family give viewers an inside look at what it means to be one with nature.

'Being from Louisiana, it is the ultimate sportsman's paradise-- it really is,' Robertson said.

Yet, it is a sportsman's paradise that is also under threat from coastal erosion and wetlands loss. Now, the Robertson family and their company, Duck Commander, are teaming up with Louisiana artist Michael Hunt to save critical waterfowl habitat.

'My son said, you should do something with Duck Commander,' Hunt said. 'And I started watching the show and I love the show. I thought it was great and I thought, 'this would be perfect.''

Hunt created the Duck Commander lithograph and print, which are being sold to raise money for wetlands conservation projects.

'After Christmas, we're going to look at some different things and decide what we'll do,' Hunt said. 'And we hope to make it an annual thing where it's not just I that do it, but a different Louisiana artist will do a different piece every year.'

The Duck Dynasty family is also joining the Vanishing Paradise campaign. As part of it, more than 800 organizations have signed a letter, which was sent to Congress, in support of restoring the Mississippi River Delta's wetlands.

'I go back to when I was a kid and the greatest escape I had in the world was when I was out in the wild, in the woods and on the water looking at ducks, whether we shot them or not,' Robertson said. 'I just enjoyed the true Louisiana experience. We want to preserve that and pass it on.'

To order a Duck Commander lithograph go to or call 800-426-1379. For more information on the Vanishing Paradise campaign, go to

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