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NEWORLEANS - New Orleans will host its 10th Super Bowl on February 3, and officials want to make sure the Crescent City puts its best foot forward.

On Saturday, there is an effort to rid the French Quarter of unsightly graffiti.

'It's a growing problem. It's also a recurring problem that we've continued to battle against. Property owners need to work with us,' said Annie Flettrich, the executive director of the French Quarter Business Association.

The cleanup will address public spaces, garbage cans, street signs, mailboxes and more, Flettrich said.

Volunteers will be split into groups and assigned to a section in the French Quarter.

The product used to remove the graffiti is green and comes in the form of wipes.

The Vieux Carre Graffiti Abatement Program is effective, and also raises awareness, according to Flettrich.

'It lets people know that we're out here. We have a lot of information on graffiti, graffiti removal. Different property owners are always contacting us from around the city. We help them figure out what's the best way to remove the graffiti on their property, because every situation is different,' she said.

The cleanup is from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and starts at the New Orleans Police Department Eighth District Station at 334 Royal St. Volunteers will receive lunch from the Royal House. For more information, call 309-1423 or visit

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