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NEW ORLEANS-- Carnival season wouldn't be the same without the double entendres of the Krewe du Vieux.

'Whatever you've got, we're looking forward to seeing,' said Mark Rabago, a visitor from Atlanta. 'We're all with it.'

The Krewe's theme this year-- 'Krewe du Vieux Comes Early'-- and their timing puts them right at start of two weeks of Carnival season, which are now on a collision course the Super Bowl in New Orleans.

'I think some people will come to New Orleans, fall in love with the city like they always do, and try to stay during Mardi Gras and hopefully, maybe some of those folks will become citizens,' said Mark Romig, who is with the Super Bowl host committee.

Romig said 75,000 people work in jobs related to the city's hospitality industry.

'From a hospitality standpoint, you'll have people checking in for Super Bowl, then checking out, and then by mid-week of the major Mardi Gras weekend, you'll have a big check in again,' he said. 'I would imagine the weekend of Mardi Gras, right before Fat Tuesday, will be once again, high capacity to a sell out situation.'

For a town that relies on tourism, the timing of Carnival season and the Super Bowl is a welcome overlap, especially for those lucky enough to live here.

'It's awesome, it's crazy. I'm so excited. I want to move here,' said Jennifer Tate, who is visiting from Philadelphia. 'It's wonderful. It's the best city in the world.'

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