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ST. TAMMANY, La. -- His picture sparked memories and signs continued to spread his message. From Covington to Slidell, all walks of life remembered, and celebrated, the efforts and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

'Today we celebrate our progress. We celebrate that because of their services, we're better off. We have access to education and job opportunities. We have laws in place that protect us from discrimination in public places,' said Rev. Alfred Nathan Young III.

And people who took part in both marches say it's a way to appreciate that progress, whether it be with their feet or with their voices.

'It feels good because I am able to be here and do this because years ago, we wasn't able to do this,' said Shirley Jordan, 'Now we can do the things that we wasn't able to do, which is a blessing.'

Monday's celebrations are also an opportunity to showcase the progress that has been made in communities across the Northshore.

'That we would cross a neighborhood line, an unseen line, a wall that doesn't need to exist between a community two blocks down the street,' said Virginia Bessent, with 'The Blue Stand' organization. 'We were all one, we need to all be one.'

That has been the effort of 'The Blue Stand' organization for years, and it was on display in the parade there Monday.

'It's all about love and it's simple,' said Gaby Brown. 'I don't want to complicate it by trying to find too many words. It's a heart thing.'

Many hope events like these, that bring people together occasionally, will one day keep them together, always.

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