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NEW ORLEANS -- From a new streetcar line to airport renovations to improvements to area playgrounds, legacy projects related to the Super Bowl are abound in New Orleans.

At Pontchartrain Park, small foundations are being laid. The concrete slabs will soon be occupied by picnic tables and benches.

'The NFL and the Host Committee are doing our best to make sure there are several ways in which you're going to see results of the Super Bowl coming to New Orleans, outside of just 'who made money off of the game being here,'' said Jeremy Boyce of the Super Bowl Host Committee.

An estimated 900 volunteers are on board for a 'Super Saturday of Service,' set to take place the day before the Super Bowl. The New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity is leading the effort.

'Never before has a Super Bowl had attached to it an entire day of community service,' said Jim Pate, executive director of the New Orleans area Habitat for Humanity. 'As you know, football reaches out and touches the entire community and we felt like the service should reach out and touch the entire community.'

$2 million worth of work will go into five NORD facilities, including Harrell Stadium in Hollygrove. It is already prepped to receive the turf the Super Bowl will be played on, after the game is finished.

Major infrastructure projects will also remain, among them:

-- $93 million in changes to the Convention Center
-- $77 million dollars in street improvements
-- $336 million dollars spent on renovating the Superdome
-- $500 million in private investment renovations to businesses, like hotels and restaurants

'So, when you think about that investment, that's $1.2 billion dollars that we have collectively put together to improve the infrastructure for the residents and for the folks that are coming in as our guests,' said Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

On the day before the Super Bowl, Hunter's Field will be full of volunteers. They will be building a playground and working on the basketball courts, leaving a small part of the Super Bowl legacy in the Seventh Ward.

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