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NEWORLEANS--- Hornets creole blue, white and purple will soon be replaced by the navy blue, gold and red of the new New Orleans Pelicans.

Season ticket holder Rick Farrell says at first he hated the new name.

'Look, from the name the Pelicans, no,' said Farrell.

He says he changed his mind after hearing about the pelican's deep connection to Louisiana and the bird's own comeback story along the Gulf Coast.

'When they started explaining the Gulf Coast, all of the people who work on the Gulf Coast and how important the pelicans are to the state, I started getting it,' said Farrell. 'I said okay, they've got something going here. Maybe they'll make people aware of what going down in Louisiana.'

Eyewitness news legal analyst and Hornets season ticket holder Chick Foret says he loved the new name as soon as he heard it.

'I think it's exciting,' said Foret. 'The Hornets was nice, but that's not New Orleans. That came from Carolina. Now we have a symbol of what we can identify with.'

Advertising executive Greg Buisson says changing the name and logo of the team is a smart move.

'Anytime there's any kind of dramatic change to colors or to any of the insignias that are on there, it always really pumps the crowd up to be part of that whole new era,' said Buisson.

There is a limited amount of Pelicans gear available at the team store in the Arena and online. Fans are already snapping them up.

'I didn't really like the colors of the current Hornets gear, so this gear I like a lot,' said Farrell.

'The colors stand out,' said Foret. 'The symbolism stands out. The Pelican is an imposing figure in my opinion.'

It's a very attractive logo, that people are going to want to wear and they're going to want to use it with pride and say this is our hometown and this is what we believe in,' said Buisson.

Here is a link to purchase Pelican's gear:

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