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NEWORLEANS- If you're planning on driving into the city to enjoy the Super Bowl festivities, you better hold on to your wallet.

The few public parking spots left in the CBD are charging top dollar and you need to pay attention to the rules.

Monday night, Team Gleason paid $30 to park in a lot at Poydras and Tchoupitoulas and the van still got the boot.

The charity was founded by former Saint Steve Gleason and is dedicated to finding a cure to the disease he battles, ALS.

A spokeswoman for Gleason says, 'Our sponsors paid the parking fee, only to find a short time later the van was booted and then paid the fine to have the boot removed.'

'The van was parked over two spaces,' said Premium Parking CEO Jim Huge. 'They paid for one space and parked over two spaces.'

Huger says while there was technically a violation his company plans to waive Gleason's penalty.

'As a company we give all folks that we boot an appeal form and in this case, certainly with team Gleason, we'd love to waive the fee for them. They're a great part of our community and certainly, we want to be a team player on this.'

If you're going to park on a city street, make sure you pay the meter or you could get an expensive parking ticket. Parking Enforcement officers are all over Downtown and the CBD.

'Follow the normal traffic safety and parking rules,' said New Orleans Public Works Director Mark Jernigan. 'Don't park in front of fire hydrants. Don't block sidewalks. Don't park close to the intersections. Stay out of the handicapped parking zones.'

Many parking spots on the street will soon be off limits.

'Right now, we're in the process of posting about 3,000 temporary no parking signs just for Super Bowl activities,' said Jernigan.

Rather than fighting for a parking spot, people heading downtown are encouraged to take public transportation.

'We're running about every 15 minutes from every direction coming into the CBD and people will be brought right to the foot of Canal Street so they can enjoy all the fun,' said RTA Spokeswoman Patrice Bell Mercadel.

The RTA is expected to have all of its streetcars and buses on the road for Super Bowl weekend.

'Effective Friday, February 1, all of our enhanced services go into play,' said Mercadel. 'So, we'll have extra buses and extra streetcars in rotation to make the transportation down to the heart of New Orleans as easy as possible.'

The RTA has an extensive Super Bowl plan, complete with park and rides throughout the city. You can also purchase a pass that will allow you to ride the buses and streetcars all day long for only three dollars.

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