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MANDEVILLE- All along the West Service Road of Highway 190 in Mandeville, lost dog signs are keeping the search alive for 12-week old, 2-lb yorkie-poo Bella.

The spunky puppy was last seen by her family about a week ago, when they dropped her off at Northlake Veterinary Hospital to be boarded through Mardi Gras. But the hospital lost her.

'Roughly an hour or so later, she was brought out into the yard for a potty break and the kennel technician that brought her out stayed with her briefly, but there was a little ruckus inside and she went inside to assist with that and minutes later, when she came back to the yard, Bella wasn't in the yard,'said Craig Guidry, DVMwith Northlake.

Bella's family is beside themselves.

'It's incomprehensible to me,' said owner Crystal Reese. 'I don't understand how it could happen. Why you would leave a two-pound puppy outside, unattended, for even a minute.'

Since Bella went missing, the search has increased 10-fold. It's gone along this service road, into these woods, even in the neighborhood behind the vet hospital. It's also included fliers which have gone to homes, businesses and all over social media.

The vet's office has done a lot of leg work and included several law enforcement agencies, as well as animal groups, in the hunt. But still no Bella.

Reese said, 'I have spent days and days trying to get this out everywhere, I've had a huge support of people and I don't want to say I'm angry but I just want her back.'

So does the hospital.

'They trust us with their pet,' said Guidry, 'To have that happen on our watch is horrifying.'

If you have any information about Bella, you can contact the owner at 985-276-0830, Northlake Veterinary Hospital at 985-626-7522 or call any animal organization in St. Tammany Parish; they're all on the lookout and there is a reward.

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