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NEW ORLEANS -- Sunday night's hail storm left dents and holes across a swath of southeast Louisiana. It left many people, on the West Bank especially, cleaning up Monday.

The hail rained down on Marcie McIntosh's Marrero home so hard it scared her.

'It just sounded like a freight train that was beating so loudly that the first thing I did was get my kids, got 'em into the bathroom,' she said.

It shattered the rear windshield of her car, and Monday morning she got a troublesome text from one of the employees in her tanning salon.

'The water and the hail came down so hard and so fast in the back that the water wasn't able to drain. So, it pushed the water through the back doors and my entire shop is wet,' she said.

The floors are now warped and have to come out.

'It was very shocking,' McIntosh said.

Even 12 hours after the storm came through Harvey, piles of hail still sat on the ground. Many had frozen into semi-solid chunks after rain also doused the ice. Witnesses said it all came out of the sky in big chunks.

'It was freaky. Really freaky. The ground turned white just that fast,' said Donna Austin.

She is in town visiting from Florida. Sunday night, she couldn't believe how hard the hail was coming down.

'Literally, within 30 seconds, it had the garage floor covered. We couldn't get the garage door down because it kept tripping the sensor. Finally we got the door down and we thought it was gonna break down the door,' Austin said.

It's no wonder that cars and roofs across the West Bank are now dented and damaged, all after a strong hail storm that lasted just a few minutes.

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