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COVINGTON - When Mike Noto woke up Monday morning, he didn't expect to need a boat to get to and from his house in River Wood East neighborhood in Covington.

A quick look around the street helped it sink in; a fire hydrant barely above water, mailboxes half-under and just enough water to leave his car questionable.

'We don't have enough drainage from this little area here,' said Noto, 'See where all that garbage is, that's the only drain out here, the only, only drain.'

Other neighbors say it's only getting worse, especially with the Tchefuncte River nearby.

'About 6 o'clock this morning, about three inches of that stump was outside of the water,' said Victor McCullough, 'Now, it's about three inches under the water.'

People who live here say that flooding is normal but ever since Isaac this has gotten out of control and this time, something needs to be done.

St. Tammany Parish says something is being done, in the form of bigger culverts and re-directing future rain water.

Spokesman Ronnie Simpson said, 'We have all the material, we have a contract that's let for the labor, we're working with a few last issues with property owners in Covington Country Club and we'll be ready to move on that project.'

As for other areas of the parish with high water, like Holly Street off of Highway 1088, quick cleanings of culverts did the trick. It's something the ten homeowners on Rhonda Court in Covington, stuck inside today, can only dream of for tomorrow.

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