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NEW ORLEANS -- Eyewitness News has acquired the police radio dispatch tapes of the day of the shooting of an NOPD officer responding to a robbery.

Officer John Passaro took the call came out about 7 a.m. Saturday. He had few details to go on.

Passaro: 'Ma'am. I'm having trouble logging on. I'm going to 1111 Poland.'

Dispatcher: '10-4. Female asked the complainant to call police. Lady was just robbed, unknown if it was on the pedestrian or on the business. Also there is an employee at the location bleeding. No further. At the Family Dollar. Stand by for back-up.'

About 80 seconds later, Officer Passaro radios that he's on scene. And about 35 seconds later, a second officers says he is on scene.

Then, silence. Moments pass.

Deputy: 'St. Claude and, ugh. St. Claude and Poland. 108. Officer Down, Officer Down. Shots fired. Shots fired.'

That's a former Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office deputy. He happened to be nearby, and he picked up the wounded officer's radio and made the distress call.

Deputy: 'The location?'

Dispatcher: 'St. Claude and Poland. Start that way. St. Claude and Poland.'

Deputy: 'Alright. Got a black male running up Lesseps. I don't know if he has anything to do with this. It was a (signal 64) perp. Black male, gray hoodie. Had a white bandana over his face. Sunglasses on.'

Officers and paramedics raced to the scene, and cops blocked off streets so the wounded officer could be rushed to the hospital.

Now, four days later, Passaro remains in hospital care, and police continue to search for his shooter.

Police released a surveillance image of the shooter in the store that morning.

And overnight, investigators have released this computerized composite sketch of a so-called person of interest in the case.

Police say he is about 5'9', about 150 pounds and roughly 30 years old.

He is thin, and on his face he has a one-inch, chin-strap beard with no mustache.

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