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NEW ORLEANS -- Monday night, a snapshot of Terrilynn Monette surfaced, offering a glimpse of the 26-year-old elementary teacher during the hours leading up to her disappearance.

The photograph was taken at Parlay's bar in Lakeview, where Monette spent Friday night and early Saturday morning hanging out with a friend and acquaintances.

Around closing time, a bar security worker reported seeing Monette with an unknown man inside a car, which was parked in a lot behind the bar.

By the time the worker left at around 5:45 a.m., Monette and her black Honda Accord were gone, employees said.

Now, the search for answers continues.

'Nobody's said anything as of yet. You know, I did talk to the principal and one of her fellow teachers, and you know, they're just trying to do everything they can. We have flyers up too,' said Parlay's General Manager Anna Boudousque. 'We're all upset. We've never had anything like this in all my years here.'

Meanwhile, classes continued Monday at Woodland West Elementary in Harvey, where Monette teaches second grade.

In a statement, Jefferson Parish School officials said, 'We are keeping (Terrilynn) and her family in our thoughts and prayers and encourage people to assist and cooperate in the investigation to the fullest extent possible.'

As police keep searching for Monette and her 2012 black Honda Accord, many are left shaken and in disbelief.

'I'm gonna go home and pray for her because this is just unbelievable, in such a nice neighborhood. No neighborhood is safe, as we know, but if you're gonna arrange 'em, this is one of the better ones,' Boudousque said. 'We're very shocked.'

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