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NEW ORLEANS -- Blight, murder and home burglaries those were some of the concerns voiced by residents and business owners in the Broadmoor area Monday night.

Like so many other communities across New Orleans, many residents and businesses in the Broadmoor area say crime is a big concern and frustration.

'It's to the point that you're afraid to come out of your house,' said one resident.

Violent crime continues to plague citizens living in the Broadmoor area. Residents voiced concerns Monday night about a particular trouble spot near the intersection of Broad Street and Washington Avenue.

'Some guys in the area talking about a drug deal that went bad on the day the last shooting occurred,' said Councilwoman Latoya Cantrell.

During the town hall meeting, Cantrell confirmed that drug trafficking connected to a business on Washington Avenue may be part of the crime problem.

The Broadmoor Improvement Association says three murders have unfolded in the same area in less than two years.

'It's just unacceptable to have a repetitive crime situation in the same spot,' said Kelli Wright, the Broadmoor Improvement Association president.

The most recent murder happened in broad daylight on March 4 in the 4100 block of Washington Avenue. The NOPD released surveillance video image showing a man whom police are calling 'a person of interest' in the Uptown murder.

It's crime negatively impacting a commercial corridor that community leaders are trying to turn around.

'It's an area that we're bringing a lot of business into and we're trying to redevelop,' Wright said. 'We want our neighbors to feel safe going there.'

One of those new neighbors is Propeller, which moved from the CBD into a 10,000 square foot, two-story facility back in January.

'We are a non-profit accelerator for social entrepreneurs, businesses that are tackling the city's challenges,' said Andrea Chen, the executive director and co-founder of Social Entrepreneurs of New Orleans.

Chen said this neighborhood was the perfect central location for the 36 companies using the work space...and the community members they're trying to serve.

'They are all socially minded. So whether it's from parent engagement organizations to people that are doing criminal record expungements,' Chen said. 'It's very important that parents can get here very easily.'

As neighbors and business owners try to rally to improve their community and fight the violent crime, the overwhelming message was crystal clear:

'I want to feel like I'm safe to come out of my house. I want to feel like my daughter is safe to come home walking from work. That's what I want.'

Cantrell also mentioned that efforts are underway to install crime cameras at businesses near Broad Street and Washington Avenue to help catch criminals.

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