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A third-party forensic analysis commissioned to investigate the power outage during Super Bowl XLVII confirms the cause of the outage was the 'misoperation' of a relay device.

A similar finding to what Eyewitness investigator Mike Perlstein first reported days after the incident. The analysis found what it calls a design defect in the relay. (See full report)

The analysis was conducted by Dr. John A. Palmer of Palmer Engineering & Forensics. Palmer found that the outage was caused by several issues:

'A contributing factor to the misoperation of the relay was the unstable operating condition of the relay around the set point of the subject relay, which was a design defect,' said a statement from Entergy.

Another factor was 'the inappropriate setting of the relay, which was the factory default setting,' and finally, a 'contributing factor to the inappropriate setting was inadequate communication between the manufacturer and the utility.'

The relay switch was removed after the Super Bowl outage, according to Entergy. It was installed in December 2012 after after being inspected, tested and commissioned by the manufacturer.

'We are pleased that Dr. Palmer's independent analysis has verified the root cause of the outage and confirmed that the relay operated in an unintended and unpredictable manner,' said Charles Rice, president and CEO of Entergy New Orleans. 'It has been our objective all along to identify the cause of the outage, learn from it, and prevent such an occurrence from happening again. The device has been permanently removed from service.'

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