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METAIRIE, La. - The odds of matching all six winning numbers in Wednesday's $260 million Powerball are one in 175 million.

The jackpot is prompting people across the metro area to stop by local gas stations and purchase a ticket.

Workers at the Shell onAirline and Severn said the Powerball fever had started by 8 a.m.

The sales started to climb on Tuesday, and people started coming in early Wednesday, said Manager MarkConlin.

'It's the only time I buy it, really, when it goes up this sky high...I'm a Christian, I'd have to tithe 10 percent at least or more,' said Paul Lambert, who was purchasing a ticket.

Conlin said customers are happy when they come in to buy a ticket.

'People are very friendly. Everybody is in a good mood about it. Money does that to people,' he said.

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