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COVINGTON, La. -- A Covington homeowner, tired of too much noise in her neighborhood, is doing something about it.

Donnie Hollimon said, 'We've had an on-going problem with noise from a neighbor who plays his stereo way too loud.'

Hollimon says it has been a problem the entire three years she and her sister have lived here. And despite going as far as calling police, the situation stays the same, she says, because of the way the city noise ordinance is written.

'The ordinance, from my understanding, is based on sound decibels and it is almost impossible to enforce,' said Hollimon. 'We just found out recently that the policeman who came out didn't have a sound meter. Probably all the times we've called, no one has taken a sound reading.'

So she has been taking readings and video, but she thinks more needs to be done. Now, Hollimon is pursuing changing the city noise ordinance to swap out the decibel requirement with another standard.

'We feel like it is the solution,' she said. 'We have volunteered to help get everybody onboard to help us with this because we feel like it's going to be a win-win situation for everybody.'

The city says it is aware of the situation, and the mayor is already working on addressing it. For the sisters, they hope the effort pays off for others. Personally, moving is their next step, but they won't be leaving quietly.

The City of Slidell and the parish both have noise ordinances that include decibel measurements to determine violations. The cities of Mandeville and Abita Springs do not. However, Abita does include a distance limit on how far the sound can be heard and sets a monetary fine as the consequence.

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