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NEW ORLEANS -- It was a neighborhood event that was started to help a local man with ALS, and now supporters are joining another charity to help fight another neurological disease.

Hundreds turned out at City Park's new festival grounds to not only support Jay Rink in his battle with ALS, but to help those battling a neurological disease called Angelman Syndrome.

This is the convergence of the two fundraising events, Jayfest to help Jay Rink and Make the Bank Pay to support Angelman Syndrome patients.

Rink was diagnosed with ALS three years ago.

'I'm doing great today. Who wouldn't?' Rink said. 'So, I feel good. I'm a little tired, but you know what? You have a bottle of water and keep on truckin'.'

Jayfest has grown from 400 attendees to over 1,000.

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