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The national media spotlight shines this weekend on part-time New Orleans resident, Fair Grounds favorite and superstar jockey Rosie Napravnik, who will be profiled on Sunday's '60 Minutes,' just before she rides in the upcoming Kentucky Derby.

'60 Minutes' correspondent Bob Simon will profile Napravnik for this Sunday's program. Watch an excerpt here.

'No other jockey has won more races this year than Rosie Napravnik, the only female riding in the upcoming Kentucky Derby and one of only a handful of successful female jockeys in the sport's history,' says CBS in promotional material for the program.

Napravnik leads the nation in horse racing wins and recently picked up her third consecutive riding title at the New Orleans Fair Grounds. She lives part-time in the city with her husband.

'Despite steady success over many years, topthoroughbredjockey Rosie Napravnik says she still encounters bias from trainers and owners who prefer a man aboard their horses andhas to put up withmale jockeys whotry to taunt and intimidate her because of her gender,'said CBSin their press release.

But Napravnik tells Bob Simon the best way to deal with such prejudice is by beating her antagonistson the track.

Napravnik has steered horses to winnings of $48 million since she began riding professionally eight years ago, a good record that can change attitudes. So, says Napravnik, 'Most of the time I feel like I'm just one of the guys.'

Still, some in racing don't think women belong on their horses.

'There are still owners and trainers that don't want to ride a female. The only way that I deal with that try to beat that person in a race,' she tells Simon. And she has. Her mounts have been in the money almost 60 percent of the time this year.

Napravnik, 25, was also

profiled recently by the New York Times


'The 113-pound New Jersey native isn't just the most successful 'girl jockey' on the horse-racing circuit today; she's one of the best American jockeys, period,' said the newspaper in its profile.

'60 Minutes' airs Sunday at 6 p.m. on WWL-TV Channel 4.

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