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NEW ORLEANS -- For a second day divers and crews entered the waters of Bayou St. John early Monday looking for submerged vehicles in an attempt to find missing Jefferson Parish school teacher Terrilynn Monette.

On Monday, a private salvage companies began working to remove what officials believe to be at least 20 submerged vehicles.

Several cars were pulled from the waters by 12 p.m. None appeared be Monette's black Honda Accord, but instead the vehicles showed signs of being underwater for months or years, such as having barnacles.

Workers from Real Towing and G & DTowing and diver Russell Mitchell volunteered their time to locate the vehicles and pull them from Bayou St. John.

Since Monette was last seen officials, family members and friends have searched the dense areas of City Park and the waterways surrounding the area for any signs of her.

The search is being spearheaded by state Rep. Austin Badon (D-New Orleans).

'I spoke with her mother (Sunday) night and she is actively awaiting a phone call with any news,' Badon said. 'But this is a salvage operation secondarily and we're going to start pulling vehicles out of Bayou St. John.'

Mitchell said the water is so dark and murky he is forced to feel and grope his way underwater to attach the tow lines to the vehicles.

'The first two (cars) that came out were darker colored, and that's what we're looking for in the search for Terrilynn Monette,' said Badon, but the vehicles were not Monette's 'so it's a little bit discouraging.'

Badon said part of removing the vehicles was for environmental, as cars polluting Bayou St. John.

Monette was last seen March 2. She was spotted on a traffic camera turning from Harrison Avenue onto Marconi Drive after leaving a Lakeview bar, Parlay's Dream Lounge.

Officials believe she may have been heading home to her Gentilly apartment.

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