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NEW ORLEANS --Another family is hoping to be reunited with a missing loved one as the women in Cleveland were. Here in New Orleans, the search for Terrilyn Monette continues, as the community watches and a mother waits for the same phone call.

Nine weeks after Monette's disappearance, divers locate cars in Bayou St. John, while a mother waits, heart broken at her home in California.

'I'm very, very overwhelmed at how everyone is still out there searching for my daughter and the support from the community of New Orleans,' said a very emotional Toni Enclade, Monette's mother.

The news of three women found alive, after missing for 10 years in Cleveland, is on these people's minds as well as Monette's mother's.

'I'm sorry, but it's just the news of knowing that there were three young ladies that were taken away from their mother and now they have a chance to reunite with their mother right before Mother's Day, it's just touching my heart,' said Enclade through tears.

A doctor says the outcome of the case in Cleveland, helps the family and the investigators.

'It gives everybody else hope too. It let's people know that some of these unsolved cases might be solved one day, never to give up on that, that there is a possibility,' explained Dr. Amy Dickson, an LSUHSC clinical psychologist. She says everyone copes and grieves in different ways and no one way is right or best.

But she adds with hope, comes the agony for her mother and everybody in need of answers.

'Oh, eerie, eerie, eerie, specially the tire tracks down there. And they say there's no car there. It's just eerie,' said Rogers Coleman when asked how he feels about the fact that no one has any answers. He was one of the people watching cars being pulled out of the bayou.

In fact, dozens of spectators were out on the banks of Bayou St. John, just sitting and watching the divers working. When we talked to them, all had similar reasons for being there.

'Well, I hope they find something so the family have closure,' said Malcolm Hingle.

'I'm kind of hoping that one of them will be her car just for like everyone else here, closure for the family,' said a young woman named Katy.

'Just looking for closure for the family, the mother,' said Joy Duplessis as she thought about the love she has for all of her children and grandchildren.

We wanted to know if these new developments in Cleveland would have any impact on how the NOPD investigated the Monette case. We still haven't head back from them on that topic.

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