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NEW ORLEANS Twenty-five Red Cross disaster relief trucks are heading to Oklahoma, including two from New Orleans, to aid in the response to the victim's of Monday's devastating tornado.

In all, five of the trucks are traveling from southern Louisiana,including Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

The volunteers said their first priority will be to provide people with food while also providing victims with everything from cleaning supplies to emotional support.

The bright spot in this tragedy are these people, who for years have dropped everything in their lives to run towards devastation and help.

Melissa Eugene, the spokeswoman for the local Red Cross, explained that the volunteers from this area have a special connection to this kind of tragedy.

'Our volunteers living in south Louisiana have experienced disaster themselves or been part of a local response,' Eugene said. 'So, it's important for them and many of them want to go and help other local communities.'

'This one is going to be bad,' said Tom Butler, who has volunteered for 17 years. 'I've seen it on the news. This is the worse one I've seen so far.'

Added Ethel Sesley, 'I like to help people. I've always helped people.'

The local Red Cross said it's not worried about a shortage of these warm-hearted volunteers for the Oklahoma disaster, but said they can always use more help.

At least 24 people have been found dead and over 150 sent to hospitals after the tornado tore through Oklahoma Monday.

In April, the local Red Cross helped out families in Kenner after a tornado damaged nearly two dozen houses there.

Anyone that wants to help should visit or text Red Cross to 90999 to make a donation.

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