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NEW ORLEANS The founder of Operation Nehemiah spent Monday night coordinating aid from relief agencies, then loading a trailer with at least 100 beds to send to Moore, Okla.

'One of the things we're going to try to do is ship them a whole lot of beds because we know they're going to need emergency housing of some sort,' Operation Nehemiah Founder Fred Franke said.

Operation Nehemiah began by helping Katrina victims recover. Now they plan to ship several truckloads of supplies to the tornado victims in Moore mattresses, food and cleaning supplies.

'The biggest help that we could probably use besides some help here at the warehouse when we get ready to load the rest of the vehicles would be just some funds that it costs us to freight and ship the items up there to Moore, Oklahoma,' Franke said.

When the 1999 tornado struck the town of Moore, the late Harahan Pastor Sugar Lauricella was stunned by the destruction.

'Everything's gone, everything's gone,' Pastor Lauricella said in 1999.

People across Southeast Louisiana filled five truckloads of emergency supplies for a huge Salvation Army relief operation in Moore.

'And I just want to tell everybody that has helped and donated, thank you so very much,' Moore resident Pam Hester said in 1999.

Fourteen years later, Salvation Army teams, including those here in New Orleans, are gearing up once again to help the people of Moore and they know it will be a long term need.

The Salvation Army loaded mobile canteens and trailers with thousands of meals for the victims.

'We set up to feed meals, and prevent dehydration, and we also take hygiene kits and cleanup kits to help as much as we can with those individuals,' said New Orleans Salvation Army Commander Major W.D. Owens.

To reach Operation Nehemiah, call 782-3337, or email founder Fred Franke at To send a $10 donation to the Salvation Army on your cell phone, text the word STORMto 80888. Or send a $10 donation to the Red Cross from your cell phone by texting the word REDCROSS to 90999.

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