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NEWORLEANS- The Planned Parenthood building coming to South Claiborne Avenue doesn't even have walls yet but it certainly has enough controversy surrounding it.

At the groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday, many spoke in support of the new facility, but there were some protesters as well.

Planned Parenthood officials say they're proud to be opening a new site offering affordable health care.The facility will offer everything from cancer screening to information about birth control methods. On Tuesday, a state house panel gave the OK to legislation urging several state agencies to investigate Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. They want to make sure the operation is following federal and state laws.Earlier this week, protesters came together to oppose the new clinic.That opposition was addressed at today's groundbreaking.

'If Planned Parenthood wasn't doing abortions, I wouldn't be here.That's mainly why I'm here.Have you seen what they do to these babies, we don't do that to our most hardened criminals.We treat them more humanely than that,' explains Tiffany Sandoz.

'Of course we are mindful of the controversy.Planned Parenthood and this new building's purpose and life-saving service are the victims of misinformation and down right malevolent voices,' said Rabbi Edward Cohn.

The new 7,000 square foot facility will be near the corner of S. Claiborne and Cadiz.It is expected to be built in 2014.
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