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COVINGTON, La. - Lucille Perret remembers the time her husband, Warren Perret, spent as a bombardier in the Air Force during WWII. But Monday, she was thanked for that service.

'This is a way of us paying you back and just saying thank you for all that your husband did,' said Daniel Ritter, with Emeritus in Mandeville. 'We really, really appreciate it, especially today, on Memorial Day.'

A medal of valor came with the person visit from Emeritus Senior Living Center. Stops were made to the spouses of service members, and to veterans still here to thank face-to-face, including Stan Hurstell, who served in the Air Force for four years.

'It makes it feel like you did serve your country and that the country appreciates your efforts,' he said.

In addition to appreciation, the veterans and their spouses received a safety kit for their homes.

'Their spouses who served in the war kept us safe for all these years, so this is just our opportunity to give back and make sure they're safe in their homes,' Ritter said.

The recipients say the visits are humbling.

'There's so many that didn't come back, and to me, that's the heroes,' said Perret.

This is the first year for the 'Heroes Emeritus' program, and after Monday's reactions, organizers say it won't be the last.

'To come out in the home and see more personal stories like this just means so much more, and we really are appreciative and thankful,' said Ritter.

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