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NEW ORLEANS -- Thursday, crews recovered a body from Lake Pontchartrain after being alerted to it by loved ones of 21-year-old Kswany Chavez.

While the official search had been canceled for the day, family and friends kept their own watch along the lakefront.

'His aunt calls me and says, 'I know it's Kswany, I know it's Kswany, he's floating right here.' So, I run over there,' said William Membreno, Kswany's roommate and best friend.

An autopsy is pending, but Membreno confirms the body was Chavez's.

Chavez had been missing since Tuesday, when he jumped into Lake Ponchartrain to help another struggling swimmer.

But he began to struggle himself, friends said, with the strong currents and choppy lake waves.

He went under and never resurfaced.

'I'm glad that they found him and I would be telling everybody that we're gonna set up his funeral arrangements, but this is New Orleans, man. We're gonna set up his party,' Membreno said.

Membreno said that is what Chavez would want.

He's described as a character -- someone who was full of energy and lived life to the fullest.

'For the past two days, everybody's been saying rest in peace. Now we found him. Now he can rest in peace. Now you all can say rest in peace Kswany Chavez, the best friend all of y'all could ever know,' Membreno said.

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