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METAIRIE, La. Saints receiver Joe Morgan said he has learned a lesson nearly two weeks ago when he was arrested and booked with DWI after Louisiana State Police found him in his car on the side of Earhart Expressway.

'I made a mistake for sure,' Morgan said. 'As a man I can say that. It was something that was truly a mistake. The good thing about it is I didn't get hurt and that more importantly, nobody else got hurt, so that was a God-given thing. I think God teaching me a lesson. I learned the hard way but it's good that I actually learned that lesson.'

Morgan spoke publicly Thursday for the first time since the arrest. He had, however, already received a stern talking to from coach Sean Payton and his teammates.

That talk allayed fears of job security, Morgan said, which naturally crept into his mind after being arrested.

While he wouldn't disclose what was discussed between himself and Payton, he said, 'He said the things he needed to say. I told him everything I learned from the situation. You can probably guess what went on there but it was between me and us.'

The third-year receiver from Walsh University hasn't missed a practice since the May 26 arrest.

What has kept him going, he said, is the family atmosphere fostered inside the Saints locker room.

'When they found out what the situation was, everybody was coming up to me like, 'Joe are you OK? Is everything all right?' ' Morgan said. 'They were making sure my well-being was taken care of first besides the football aspect of it.'

He added, 'Being in a family atmosphere, it wasn't just all hugs and kisses. There was some lashings too.'

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