COVINGTON, La. - One of the children injured in a chemistry lab accident remains in critical condition at a burn unit in Shreveport, Louisiana Tuesday, according to the St. Fire Marshal's Office.

The other child who was injured is improving at a Baton Rouge hospital and should be released in a few days.

The Covington Fire Department said the two were hurt, along with an instructor, as the students were conducting an experiment where sugar is converted to carbon using a heat source, in this case alcohol.

The two students were taken to St. Tammany Hospital and later one was brought to the burn unit at a Baton Rouge hospital and the other to a burn unit at a hospital in Shreveport. An instructor who received burns was treated at St. Tammany Hospital and released.

'The school is in touch with the families and will be monitoring the situation,' said a statement from St. Scholastica. 'We are praying for the children and the teacher, who were directly injured, as well as for the other campers in the camp.'

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