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NEWORLEANS-- Police arrested a man who held up two people with a gun, stole a car from a victim, but he later called police when he lost his cell phone, claiming that he was an armed robbery victim, according to Remi Braden, a spokesperson for the New Orleans Police Department.

Darrin Faciane, 20, according to police, had, in fact, left his phone in the victim's car, and wanted police to believe he was a victim of armed robbery, and that his phone had been stolen.

Around 9 a.m. in the 7900 block of Haney Drive, according to police, Faciane allegedly held up two people with a gun. 'While pointing the gun at them, he rummaged through the car in search of valuables. Then he demanded that the victims get in the trunk. But one victim suggested that Faciane just take the car, and search through it at his leisure. Faciane agreed,' Braden said.

The car was later found abandoned near the intersection of Hayne Boulevard and Darlene Court. On the front seat, iPhone was left behind, police said. The victims said the phone did not belong to them.

'When officers turned on the phone, the screensaver was a photo of a man. One victim recognized the distinct hairstyle in the picture, and stated that the photo was in fact of the man who had robbed them,' Braden said.

Thirty minutes later, Faciane called police, saying that he was an armed robbery victim and telling police his address. 'Officers arrived at his residence, and asked him to describe the person who robbed him. Faciane then described a person who looked very much like himself. Investigators then asked about the gun used in the robbery, and Faciane essentially described his own handgun,' Braden said.

With a search warrant, police found the handgun believed to be used in the robbery of the two victims, police said.

Faciane was booked with two counts of armed robbery, two counts of attempted kidnapping, one count of auto theft and filing a false police report.

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