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JEFFERSON, La. -- A large repair site on Jefferson Highway is where a July Fourth fireworks display of the worst sort happened, when a 12-inch in diameter water pipe broke and unleashed a torrent that flooded four homes.

'It looked like a river rolling from the back yard to the front yard,' said Diann Kreutz. 'Right through my house, the kitchen, the bathroom, both bedrooms.'

Diann's soaked carpet splashes when she walks across it, the kitchen floor still has dried mud, and this is the fourth flood.

'I don't own enough towels to have soaked up that much water,' said Diann. 'It was like, here we go again, our luck.'

'The whole yard was just full of muddy water, and it just kept filling up and filling up, and the more it filled up, it started coming in,' said neighbor Jean Kimball, whose den flooded.

Jean is hoping her den wasn't damaged, but the water came under the wall and sent her scrambling.

'It was a miserable night, and all this cleaning up this morning was a job,' Kimball said.

'It was a mess,' said Chris Lirette. 'There was water in my son's room, there was water in my bedroom, there was water starting to come down the hallway, and my entire backyard was flooded.'

Now Chris knows he'll have to make sure the cleanup is done properly.

'I'm kinda tired,' Lirette said. 'I was planning on doing a nap, but I have a feeling I'm going to be pulling baseboards in a little bit, so I've had a rough night.'

A spokeswoman for Jefferson Parish said the owners of the properties that flooded were put in touch with the parish Risk Management department to start the claims process. The owners said they were very pleased with the quick response from the parish.

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