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HAMMOND, La. -- In the early hours of May 2, surveillance video obtained by Eyewitness News shows a white truck pull up to a business, and then a person throwing an object through the door's glass to get inside.

What happens next -- two people trying to take the ATM -- is what baffled Barbara Tallo-Farkas at the time.

'I was shocked, like, why not a grocery store? Why not a bank? Why are these little businesses being hit?' she said.

The burglary attempt at Tallo's Auto Title Service was the second in a week, behind the smash-and-grab at Ryan's Deli five days earlier. In that case, the suspects used a vehicle to bust through the business and take the entire ATM.

Since then, a string of ATM crimes has increased to six total, both successful and not, in the Hammond area. The DMV office was next, followed by three other convenience stores, including Chuck's Quick Stop on Pumpkin Center Road and an Exxon on South Morrison.

In every case a stolen vehicle is used, and two people, covered from head to toe, are involved, leaving investigators with some leads. But they're stumped.

'Yea, it's frustrating, but you know that's part of policing and part of our investigations and we will soon get something, I'm sure,' said Hammond Police Lt. Vince Giannoble.

It's got many businesses on edge.

'Now it's almost like, OK, another few days and somebody's sitting back and laughing,' Tallo-Farkas said. 'And I'm not saying our police department isn't trying, but somebody needs to catch them. I mean, it's crazy.'

In the mean time, people are taking precautions.

'Move it away from the door, which I'm doing,' said Tallo-Farkas, 'Make sure you have cameras, make sure you have alarm systems.'

Authorities say all of the stolen vehicles involved have been recovered and are being tested for evidence at the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab. If you have any information that can help investigators with these cases, call Tangi Crimestoppers at 1-800-554-JAIL.

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