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LAPLACE, La. - Work is just starting on a $1 million project to raise I-10 in LaPlace.

The interstate had to be shut down when that section flooded due to Hurricane Isaac's storm surge in 2012.

Now the state Transportation Department is raising that part of the road, but doing the work at night, and keeping one lane open.

In areas that flooded during Isaac, homeowners like Alex Pierre are still working on repairs.

'Aw, real hard,' said Pierre, who is dong the work himself. 'Get off work, and come home, and start doing a little bit more work. It's been rough, but getting there.'

Alex and some of his neighbors are cautiously optimistic about the project to raise I-10, because it only adds fifteen inches of asphalt to a low spot on the interstate which flooded at least two feet deep.

'I think that would be beautiful,' said Alex. 'I mean, you know, we'll have to see if it would work or not.'

'We were kind of excited about it, just because we definitely want something done around here to help you know the water, and the runoff, and what not,' said LaPlace resident Tracy Naquin. 'We just hope it's enough.'

State officials say raising the low spot means the interstate will re-open faster next time.

What residents really want is a levee along the lake to keep storm surges out of LaPlace.

'We need to ensure that in the event that something like Isaac happens again something that we endured does not happen again, which is the flooding of our homes,' said Naquin.

'A levee, a levee,' Pierre said emphatically.

Another area that flooded was the Belle Terre entrance to I-10, so the state has plans to raise that too, but it is a separate project now scheduled for 2015.

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