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NEW ORLEANS -- Crimestoppers has raised the reward for the safe return of missing Harvey girl Ahlittia North.

Crimestoppers is offering $1,000 for the safe return of North and $4,000 for the arrest and indictment of the person responsible for her disappearance.

Monday morning, Lisa North doesn't even know where to begin.

'Why would somebody take my child?' North said. 'I don't understand. '

She hasn't seen her 6-year-old daughter since Friday night.

'I woke up and went to get ready for work and everything and noticed she was missing, and immediately told my wife,' said Albert Hill, Ahlittia's stepfather.

Albert and Lisa went to bed at 11 p.m. Friday. When they woke up Saturday, Ahlittia was gone, along with her queen sized comforter that was brown on one side, plaid on the other. Also missing was toothpaste and a toothbrush.

'It just looked like somebody just grabbed one. It wasn't hers,' Albert Hill said. 'It looked like somebody just grabbed one out the thing.'

Jefferson Parish investigators say Lisa North and Hill passed lie detector tests, and so did Ahlittia's biological father, Mark Johnson, who lives in Donaldsonville.

'We feel at this point that the information that we've been given is accurate, but we just can't find that one clue that can give us a direction that we can go in,' said Col. John Fortunato of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

Deputies are searching for her by air and door-to-door. A grid search of the wooded area across the street over the weekend turned up empty, and cameras outside the complex don't record video.

'There are a lot of peculiarities to this case that are perplexing to all of us law enforcement officials,' Fortunato said.

With no signs of forced entry and no signs of a struggle in the apartment, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, the FBI and all the other agencies looking for Ahlittia are hoping someone saw something to point them in the right direction.

With another death in the family Monday, Hill and North say it's all taking a toll on them.

'I'm trying to be strong for my family but everybody's breaking down. But if I break down, then who gonna be the strong one?'

Call Crimestoppers at 822-1111 if you know Ahlittia's whereabouts.

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