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NEWORLEANS - Each year at City Hall, property owners in Orleans Parish stood in long lines to contest their property tax assessments. But the assessor's office hoped some changes will make that long wait a thing of the past.

Starting Monday morning, property owners can dispute their assessments at three locations across the area - City Hall, Algiers Courthouse and Lakeview Christian Center. The new locations are meant to help keep the lines short at City Hall.

Some legislative changes passed in the last session are intended to make the process easier in 2013.

The new legislation gives property owners an entire month to challenge an assessment value, which is double the time it used to be.

In the past, owners only had two weeks to do so in person, which created lines that spilled out of the assessor's office and in some cases created waiting rooms on other floors.

Property owners should bring the assessment letter and documentation to support their claim, which could be a recent appraisal or insurance coverage of the property.

Another bonus is that the process moved to the web.Property owners can file for appeals online, and Assessor Erroll Williams said it will be the first time in Louisiana that this option is available.

Williams is confident the changes will create shorter lines.

Challengers have until August 15.

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