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METAIRIE, La. -- The broken guard rail at the corner of West Esplanade Avenue and Homestead Street shows it has been the scene of too many accidents.

'I hear the crashes every time they happen, and it has been at least once a month since January of this year,' said neighbor Nicole Burvant.

'Oh, it's very dangerous,' added Pansy Thurman. 'I have seen so many, many wrecks in the years I've been here.'

'There was a car that's gone in the canal,' said Diane Rosiere.

'There has been a gentleman that died on a motorcycle in front of this house on the corner,' said Nicole.

Even with the flashing caution lights, it is a challenge, especially when vehicles are speeding.

Wayne Connelly owns the corner house.

'The guard rail here has been taken out at least two or three times, and I've replaced the fence on the West Esplanade side, or repaired the fence twice,' he said.

Nicole pointed out, 'A stoplight, we absolutely need a stoplight.'

When I contacted parish officials, traffic engineers responded that they had been out here in 2011, found only one of nine criteria for red lights, so they decided one wasn't needed.

But when the residents got back in touch with them this summer, and contacted me, they came out and took another look, included the accident statistics, and this time it was the news the residents wanted to hear.

The Traffic Division now recommends proceeding with plans to install a traffic signal.

But the red light could cost $300,000, so parish engineers say they'll seek federal funding.

'I'm excited,' grinned Nicole. 'I mean if that really happens, if we see it in actuality, I'll be ecstatic.'

'I hope to see it before I die,' Pansy said with a laugh.

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