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NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans police originally arrested a New Orleans East man on 10 counts of armed robbery a year and a half ago.

Not only did he not stay behind bars, he also made a run for it when police tried to arrest him on new charges at the courthouse last week.

Albert Marshall, 25, is well known at the 7th District Police Station. Detectives arrested him on 10 counts of armed robbery a year and a half ago. The district attorney accepted five of them.

'It's been very frustrating. As we know, he has five charges from 2012, five armed robbery charges,' said NOPD Commander Michael Harrison.

To their surprise, police had to arrest Marshall again last week for two more armed robberies, one at a Popeye's restaurant in June, and another at an O'reilly's Auto Parts store on the Fourth of July.

'We have the evidence. We believe it's a good solid case as the rest of the cases,' Commander Harrison said.

So, how was he out? His bond was originally set at $375,000. But court documents show Judge Arthur Hunter let him out on no bond on March 9 of this year because the judge said the detectives didn't show up for court, and therefore he found no probable cause.

Harrison said that's the first he's heard of it.

Disciplinary proceedings would have been started against the officers for not showing up, but that hasn't happened.

'It is a shock and there are a lot of questions. The officers become very frustrated,' Harrison said.

In fact, the detectives went to court last week to arrest Marshall on the two new armed robbery cases because they knew he had a hearing for the previous ones.

'Apparently, he may have heard the two officers talking about that arrest warrant, knew that he was gonna be arrested, and so he took the opportunity to flee the courtroom and attempted to flee the building. The detectives gave chase to him and then they actually apprehended him with a sheriff's deputy before he could actually get out of the building,' Harrison said.

The Orleans Parish District Attorney's office took all five previous cases and one of the new armed robbery cases before a grand jury last week. They indicted Marshall on all counts.

Judge Arthur Hunter set Marshall's bond on the new charges at $1.6 million.

Marshall was still in jail Wednesday, indicted on six counts of armed robbery for holding people up at gunpoint and two counts of possession of stolen property.

Police have a seventh armed robbery case against Marshall that hasn't been formally charged. Judge Arthur Hunter didn't return our calls seeking comment, but judges typically can't comment on open cases.

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