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HARVEY, La. - Nikiayh Westerfield and David Harrison would have started their sophomore year as chemical engineering students at Southern University next week.

Instead, they were found gunned down inside Westerfield's Chevy Blazer late Monday night in the 4000 block of Paige Jeanette Drive in Harvey's Woodmere subdivision.

It's a father's worst nightmare.

'I was just destroyed, I didn't know what to think,' said Westerfield's father, Sean Green.

Green said the two 19 year olds were inseparable cousins who had just returned from registering for classes in Baton Rouge hours before they were killed.

'When he came home he made sure he came in my room, let me know, 'Dad, I'm home, you know, I love you bro.' I said 'Yeah, well, I love you too, son.' And he said, 'Well, we're going to chill out for a little while, we're about to get ready to go take us a ride.' I said, 'Man just be careful, bro, just be careful.''

That's the last time Green saw his son and nephew alive. He said the two were best friends and worked at Little Caesar's Pizza in Terrytown when they were home from school.

'Nikiayh was an all around great kid. He was in school, he worked, he did what he had to do as far as trying to save his money,' said Green. 'He was just an all around good kid.'

But Jefferson Parish Sheriff's detectives paint a different picture. They believe the double murder has all the earmarks of a drug deal gone bad. They say they found Westerfield with a substantial amount of marijuana in his lap, and a stolen semi-automatic handgun near his leg. They say Harrison had a handgun next to his body in the backseat. Investigators believe a third person fled from the car, because the front passenger door was open.

Neighbors said they're frightened by the double murder but not surprised. They say a number of abandoned homes near the scene are havens for drug activity, but Green said his son was not into that kind of lifestyle. He added that he son did not carry a gun.

'They wasn't into it, they just wanted to have fun, hang out, just like teenagers would normally do. Green. 'Those guns had to have been put in those vehicles with those guys. The way he carried himself, all he wanted to do is just joke around and play around, you know, have fun. What a normal teenager would do.'

Both victims were chemical engineering students with no serious criminal records. Now, loved ones are mourning their loss while investigators are looking for their killer.

IF you have any information that could help investigators, call the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office at 504-364-5300 or Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

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