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BRAITHWAITE, La. - There are so many people who are still rebuilding one year after Hurricane Isaac, and there are so many who have not even begun.

One viewer reached out to WWL-TV to share her story, and her name is Kelley Becnel Cagle.

The following was written to Sally-Ann Roberts, Anchor of the Eyewitness Morning News, it was written to her on her Facebook page:

'We lost everything in Isaac. We lived in Braithwaite and received more water in our home from Isaac than we did for Katrina. Our Braithwaite home just sits empty and hollow. It's an eerie feeling to go back home.

'Not only is the house empty but the entire neighborhood is. A place that used to be filled with the sounds of kids laughing and playing, traffic passing by on the highway or chickens crowing is now just silent. It's a silence that is not only spooky but a reminder of what used to be.

'We miss our friends and neighbors. Braithwaite wasn't just a town, it was a family, a way of living. I miss it more than words can say and wish we could return but know that it's not possible with higher insurance rates and having to live 20 feet in the air!

'Not only is it a ghost town but chemicals were spilled everywhere and even our FEMA representative advised us not to return. I wish the state would buy out our homes but that promise that was made to us after Isaac has been taken back.

'We are stuck with homes that we cannot sell and cannot live in. It's a sad story all the way around. We now live in Mandeville and like it here but it just doesn't feel like home.'

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