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NEW ORLEANS -- A utility pole in Lakeview can be seen leaning badly from quite a distance away.

'It looks like the leaning Tower of Pisa in the form of a telephone pole,' said neighbor Charles Young.

'If we have another storm like Isaac, or even just a really bad wind storm, I'm afraid it will fall over, pull our fence down and go towards the house,' said neighbor Jeremy Lewis.

The wires to Jeremy Lewis and Charles Young's houses are sagging dangerously low, while the leaning pole has pulled the electric wires to Cathy Turnage's house taut to the point it looks like they will be pulled off her home.

'Definitely makes me a little bit uneasy, and the fact that a live wire would be sitting in my yard, I'm thinking about that,' Turnage said. 'You realize that?'

'We first noticed it about three months ago, and I began to call,' Young said. 'We called Entergy first, and they quickly said it was AT&T's call, and that was back in June, and so we've called, and we've called, and we've called.'

Jeremy Lewis said he wanted to work on his back fence, until he realized the pole was touching it and now pushing it over. He's afraid to touch it.

So I'll be getting in touch with AT&T to get them to replace this pole, but also the other utilities to get them to coordinate moving the wires from the old pole to the new pole. You can actually feel it trembling when I push it.

'Oh, I'd like it replaced tomorrow, so I don't have to worry about live electrical wires sitting in my yard, and the danger,' Turnage said. 'I could even have a fire from that. I don't need to rebuild my house.'

I'll let you know what happens.

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