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NEW ORLEANS -- Cash registers were ringing across the Crescent City as local businesses took advantage of the huge crowd in town for the Saints-Dolphins Monday night match up in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

There was a sea of black and gold and aqua and orange trading Who Dat for Fins Up chants in the French Quarter.

Fans from both teams killed some time and spent some money while waiting for the game to begin.

'We've visited a couple of shops here,' said Marie Stadler, a Dolphins fan from Maryland. 'We just had some wonderful oysters. Our wonderful server Jeff just helped us out with that, so we're excited.'

'We've had no problem spending money and helping out your economy here,' said Dolphins fan Nate Noon. 'We've seen a lot of Dolphins fans down here. People down here have been great to us. We've had a good time.'

The Neal family, Saints fans from Hurley, Miss., also dropped some bucks in the city.

'Got me a shirt, hand grenade, hats. Having a great time,' said Tim Neal.

Studies indicate the economic impact of 10 Saints home games a year is approximately $873 million. That's more than $87 million per game.

Steven Young at the Royal House Restaurant in the Quarter says the Monday Night Football crowd has been great for business.

'A lot of fans were out last night for Miami,' said Young. 'A lot of good people spending money having fun. We have fun with them also.'

There were also a lot of fans buying team gear at the official Saints store at the Superdome.

One couple from Saskatchewan, Canada, bought hats, jerseys and even some Saints booties for the baby.

'We watch a lot of CFL football, so thought we'd come check out our first NFL Football game and where better than right here to do it,' said Drew Martin. 'Definitely going to break the bank on this trip for sure.'

Businesses aren't the only one's profiting from the Saints. According to one study, a winning NFL team can lift the income of residents living in the host city by about $100 per year.

That's because fans get such an emotional boost from the team, they are more confident and productive at work.

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