The furor over the Common Core educational standards continues. Last week in Clancy's Commentary, Eyewitness News Political Analyst Clancy DuBos waded into those troubled waters, and viewers responded in droves. In this week's Commentary, Clancy shares some of the emails he received.

Clancy DuBos / Eyewitness News Political Analyst

NEWORLEANS-- I hit a nerve last week in my Commentary about Common Core. I also said something I shouldn't have. I called Common Core opponents 'knuckle-draggers.' I was referring to politicians who are dumbing down this debate, but in saying it I insulted a lot of teachers and parents who are genuinely concerned about Common Core. I apologize to those teachers and parents.

I still think raising educational standards is a good idea. But the more I look at Common Core, the more I realize it hasn't been implemented very well. A lot of teachers and parents feel left out.

Here's what some of them had to say:

Joy McClellan wrote: 'Common Core is not developmentally appropriate, does not follow best practice, and has never been tested or studied. All of our children are the guinea pigs for the study.'

And from Jenny Klein: 'Once again, politicians are making the decisions, not educators. Governor Jindal needs to run from this program as fast as possible.'

Among Common Core supporters, Jane Soslow wrote: 'We cannot afford to be isolationists and still think that the country can function without an informed citizenry.'

This debate is far from over. Governor Jindal says we must have high standards, and I agree. How we get there is what this fight and this debate are all about.


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