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METAIRIE, La. -- Bad weather forced officials to cancel plans to close the Causeway Bridge to remove a truck that plunged into the lake Monday.

Officials had planned to shut down the bridge at 12 p.m., but the bridge will remain open due to the rainy weather.

The Causeway Commission met Wednesday morning to discuss safety measures following the death of Miguel Rodriguez, 19, who drove off the bridge Monday.

Rodriguez's death is not an isolated event. There have been three similar incidents this year in which vehicles have driven over the side of the southbound span of the Causeway, the older bridge of the two structures.

The Causeway Commission met Wednesday hoping to find ways to improve safety on the bridge.

Tuesday morning, crews found Rodriguez's body. Back in February, the driver of a dump truck was killed after the truck burst into flames before going over the edge, and, in May, a four-vehicle accident sent one of the cars over the side -- that driver was rescued.

All of the accidents happened on the southbound bridge, where the guardrails are about six inches lower than on the northbound span.

It is a big problem with an expensive solution, and Causeway General Manager Carlton Dufrechou says installing new guard rails would cost almost $28 million.

Part of the problem is newer vehicles, inlcuding SUVs, have a higher profile than the vehicles the bridges were orginally designed to accomodate.

'The vehicles are different. They are higher. The center of gravity is different. So when you get an SUV or a F-250 like Monday, that railing is not going to stop anything,' said Larry Rase, chairman of the Causeway Commission.

The Causeway Commission has also considered lowering the speed on the bridge as a last resort.

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