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BRAITHWAITE,La. -- Parishes in southeast Louisiana are preparing for any weather problems that Tropical Storm Karen could cause, with the parish president calling a state of emergency.

The Plaquemines Parish Emergency Operations Center is on alert.

'What we're doing right now are our beginning stages of preparation,' said Guy Lagast of the Plaquemines Parish Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. 'Monitoring the weather is the main thing.'

For people living down here, when they hear the phrase a storm in the Gulf, they know to beware.

'That's not good for us,' said resident Mitchell Myers. 'I heard that it's supposed to head over to the panhandle, and that's all we can do is hope for that.'

Myers lives in Braithwaite. Hurricane Katrina sent four feet of water into his home, and then Hurricane Isaac drowned it with 14 feet of water.

He's hoping to escape this hurricane season untouched. 'I just don't want to get any more water, but we can't control that,' Myers said.

Given the current track of the storm, residents like Myers aren't doing much in way of preparations, but that doesn't mean they're carefree.

Parish officials are checking pump stations, making sure they're in good condition, if needed.

'Right now with the storm surge models, we're not expecting major flooding, but we're going to be prepared,' Lagast said.

Repair work on the east bank levee system from Hurricane Isaac is still going on. It's one of the parish's areas of concerns if this latest storm takes a turn for the worse.' During Isaac, Braithwaite was under water after conditions proved too much for the levee.

Few people are expecting such a scenario this time around, but they remain cautious.

'Late season storms are always frustrating because they're so unpredictable,' Lagast said.

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